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Thanks everyone for the help. I've decided to go with the quad shocks. Need one last bit of help. Since I'm putting them in a kit car that has no attachment points on the chassis for those quad shocks I have no idea how far the chassis point should be from the attachment point on the 8.8 rear. Does anyone know offhand how far apart those attachment points are on the Fox body Mustangs?
why don’t you stick the rear end in place, and let the mounted control arms show you the way?
I cant imagine how a stock length fox rear in that skinny car is going to afford you any tire clearance, unless the cars a lot wider in actuality.

The control arm attachment points are relative only when putting the rear back in a car that it came out of. If your car is narrower, ( than a fox ) then relocating the axle mount points inboard will not be detrimental.

And I have never had quad shocks on any fox i’ve ever had, ( now going on 10) and never had any wheel hop issues.
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Oct 28, 2021
Hey thanks, CarMichaelAngelo! This is what I've been thinking but I really wanted to hear someone else say it. Part of the issue is we're going to powder coat the rear and would like to have all the cutting/welding of mounting brackets done before we do that. What makes sense is to re-position the brackets and powder coat it, then put the quad shocks in later if we need them. You raise a good point about tire clearance (the other reason for relocating the quad shock mounting brackets inboard). The body width at the rear fenders is 74". That puts the axle tube flanges about 3" inside of the wheel well, and then the axles stick out a bit less than 3" farther. But the wheel wells are 14" deep. We will probably have to buy offset wheels but I think it should work.


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You want the shock to middle of its range in The nuetral position.

So, measure the shock fully extended, and fully compressed. Find your midpoint.

With your vehicle at ride height, bolt the quad shock on to the axle, and the frame hardware to the shock and mark the bolt locations with the shock extended midway of its range. That’s your spot.

It’s not overly critical because most folks lower there vehicle without ever adjusting this and it works. You just want to ensure the shock has range to travel because of it “bottoms out” in either direction it isn’t doing what it’s intended to do
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