question about installation in the rear tire well & amp reccomendations

Ok , I know next to nothing about car stereos, and I am buying 1 12" rockford-fosgate punch stage 1. I need an amp to go along with this, so i need some suggestions. I have a sony X-plod head unit some blown-ass speakers that are about to be replaced and it is not mach460. Now after I get this amp, I want to install my sub in the spare tire well. my question is, how would I do this, and if i paid someone to do it for me how much would it run??
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In order for anyone to help you suggest an amp, we need the exact kind of rockford sub. Some rockford subs are rated up to 1000 watts rms and some are only rated at 200 watts rms. So first, find out that information.

Second, in order to put the sub in the tire well, you will need to fiberglass the spare tire well. Its not that hard to do, you just need the right supplies... if you go here

...they have a whole write up on how to fiberglass and make yourself a box. If you do it yourself, you will save a lot of money, because installation places are not going to be cheap when it comes to fiberglassing.

Oh ps, here is mine...I used that tutorial, and this was my first fiberglass project...


Hmmm....that sub is only rated at 150 watts rms. A little low for most systems. Did you already purchase the sub? If not, may I suggest that you look at some subs that are closer to 300-500 watts rms. Just a suggestion....but if you want to stick with that sub, then you should find an amp that is rated around 150 watts rms. Something like this would be okay, if you want to stick with Rockford products....
OK, first off let me say that I woud suggest you DON'T go with Rockford for the sub. I myself and a rockford fan, always have been. For the past 2-3 years I had a Rockford HX2 Dual 2 Ohm 2000 Watt 12" (Their TOP OF THE LINE) in my Spare tire Well.

System at:

Ok, a few weeks ago I blew my HX2, when only pushing a MAX of 1100 to it. This really PISSED ME OFF. SO after lots of help and talking with people on here they suggest a JLW6v2 and OMG, this 400Watt sub pounds harder / louder / clearer then my HX2 EVER DID or could for that matter. My box was specially designed for the HX2 and just ever was what I planned it to be.

With that Said. Make your own choice, but you may want to ask around. :spot:

As for mounting in the spare tire well, Its a GREAT idea. The sub in there sound great IMHO. I saw a few How To's on how to Fiberglass a box in the spare tire well, but have lost the link. :bang:

Here is one I found, but not the best.

Sorry I can't find the real link, maybe someone else has it.



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If you are looking for just a little bump, and nothing outstanding. I would suggest NOT doing the whole spare tire well. It would be a waste of space.

JL has a stealth box for mustangs where a 10" sits in a custom box on the passager side of the trunk still letting you get to your spare tire.

The only reason I would suggest going through the whole tire well process is if you are really going to put a heavy hitting system in. Just my 2 cents.

the reason I wanted to go with the spare tire well was for the show quality of it, but if you think the stealth box would be better for just a little bit of bump, ok, would you still reccomend the amp mentioned earlier, or go with a different one. also my speakers are blown and i am replacing them out, and i want something that dosent suck, isint too terribly expensive, and wont blow when i turn my sony x-plod head unit up past 5 volume notches, any suggestions?
The amp you choose goes hand in hand with the Sub / speakers you choose.

You can go a few ways.

1. Single amp (Mono or 2 Channel) powering just the Sub and run the front and rear off the head unit.
2. Get 2 seperate amps for Subs and Highs.
3. Get a 5 channel amp and put all the speakers on the same amp.

There are pro's and con's to each setup.

Running the whole system on amps will make it sound a lot better then running speakers off the HU.

Now comes in the budget part. What are you willing to spend on the system.

Car audio can be done cheap, but IMO cheap sounds it!

Check out the Kicker 5-channel amp, or the Memphis Belle. They'll power your whole system, and work very well doing it- especially the Memphis. That way, you get some real power for the front speakers (less likely to blow that way), and good power for the sub in one compact package. You also have less wiring to mess with using a single amp.