Question About Lowering Springs On Fox With Irs Swap

Michael West

Jun 11, 2013

Well I'm new to these forums and I had a question about my 89 lx i was hoping somebody could answer for me. The previous owner of my car did the 03 cobra IRS swap. Basically, I'm not sure what he did, but the car is way too low, he even said. I know he had the front springs cut, I believe to try and match the rear, but he said it ended up being way lower than he exptected. SO, my question is: If I buy a cobra (IRS) lowering spring kit for my car, will my car sit too low? My reason for trying to raise my car a bit is to stop from scraping the front bumper on everything and also to fit some 18" cobras that I have without having to squeeze them in there. I've heard that I should try and get stock 03-04 cobra springs for my car because that car sits lower than my fox, so it would still be lowered a bit. The kit I'm looking at is the eibach pro kit and it says it will lower the front 1" and the rear 1.4".

Sorry if I wasn't clear on everything, I'm new to the mustang world and still learning. ANY help is greatly appreciated!

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Sep 1, 2010
Kearney, NE
I would pull a coil and try to see how tall they are and if there is any marking or tag to tell you what is in there before ordering anything. You could get lucky with oem part numbers or an aftermarket purple or blue spring with the company name on it. Next I would call a suspension specialist with the info.
Better too tall of spring. Like a board, it is easier to shorten them. But it seems like the first set is never exactly what you want.