Question for anyone running Saleen wheels with 265 35s up front


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May 29, 2001
Maricopa, AZ
Im still about a month away from putting my new wheels on but I did do a test fit on them a week or so back and noticed that the fronts stick out past the fender almost a half inch. Im running replica 18x9 Saleens, 24 mm positive offset with a 265 35 18 tire. Now is this normal? Am I just not used to a wider setup? After all, this is my 6th Stang but my first setup with wider than stock rims and tires. If Im standing at the fenders looking directly down I can see about 3/8 to a half inch of rubber. IS this normal with this size tire? Ive seen a lot of places (american muscle for example) that recommend 265 for a front tire. Ive looked at a lot of other threads and see this is a pretty common size for a lot of you as well. So am I just not used to this or what? Ive tried looking at a lot of the posted pics but no one has any from directly in front of their cars. If only our cars had fender flares like the model years that surround the SN95s.....:rolleyes:
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Yeah bud, they stick out a little. Same goes with the authentics. You can put a 255-35 or 40 on the fronts, but the rim will still stick out a little none the less. You have to remember that these rims or this style is really made for the 99-04's of which have fender flares. I have 9 inch saleens all the way around and have 265 35 18's on them all the way around. So no worries they are still gonna look great especially from the upper side view from the rear looking forward. Don't be discouraged by the fitment. They are going to look and fit great with those 265's in the front, so no worries. That is what I am running and I am still in love.:nice: Oh and IMHO, the 99-04 saleen rims look better on 94-98's then they do on the 99-04's, because they are designed for a fuller looking car, they look that much better on our more modest styling and lines. The rims just look better on a smaller car. Saleen should have probably run a 19 inch rim for the 99 ups. Don't forget to post pics.
Thanks for the reply I just wanted to make sure it wasnt me. The way I was looking at it it seemed like the rears were fitting perfect and the fronts were sticking out. Regardless I cant wait until nicer weathers finally here and I get them on for good. Im also running nines all the way around with the same size tire so they can be rotated when needed. Im almost tempted to get a small size wheel spacer for the rears to make the front and rear look uniform as far as width goes. Havent decided yet and Im probably going to run them for a few weeks to see how I feel. The day I did it I had work at my second job so it was kind of a rush affair.
Yeah Im going to have to put them back on again and take a closer look. Like I said I was in a rush the last time. I think I was just so used to the stock look. Regardless Im going to take some pics to compare. Nice car BTW.