Question: Tie rod ends need replacing at 45k according to the dealer..??????


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Jan 29, 2002
This isnt my usual dealer, and i dont trust them. They said to pass inspection I need new outer tie rod ends and then an alignment and itll cost 200 bucks. Sounded a bit like BS since the car has 45k since I bought it new. Anyone who knows anything about suspension got some input?

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its not unheard of for them to go bad. however i would have to see them before i could decide. go to a Sears Auto Center. they use just as good a part as teh dealer but cheaper. also they have better alignment racks and techs that do alignments all day and it costs less.
I paid $129 for my Steeda tie rod ends.. They are very nice I like em.

:bs: i had over 45K miles on my stock tie-rod ends with spoirtlines, kybs, c/c's stb, chassis brace and i drove hard. you should have got a (new car) maintance schelduale booklet which has your avg services in certain mile intervals. under 45K it states: chance oil, filter: chece engine cooling system, adjust clutch. that's it. not even up to 120K does it say to change tie-rods. just another way for a dcealership to rip you off. :notnice: