1. 9

    Electrical swapped 92, no spark

    i have a 1992 mustang that was a 4cyl/auto, i swapped to a 5.0/t5 from an 86, trying to get it running currently. i got no spark, i have a new coil, distributor, wires and plugs but nothing. i checked wiring too. heres the deal, the 4cyl either didn't have the same coil plug or i cut it and dont...
  2. 1

    Engine 351 swap Fox body

    Basic 351 swap. I keep reading that 5.0 use a 50oz balance weight and 5.8 use 28oz. I got my donor from a 1995 F-150 the flex plate matches my torque convertor bolt hole. Does this mean I don't have to change my balancer or flex plate?
  3. C

    Fox 87-93 LX Notchback Fox Body Front End Swap requirements?

    So I have been thinking about getting a Fox Body Mustang and like the rear end of the Notchback more then the hatchback but I prefer the GT Front End As I like how clean it is. What are the requirements for changing the front end? Is it a straight Bolt-On? Does It require any fabrication?
  4. A

    Sn95 Gt Rear end in ‘91 Fox 5.0

    Howdy, I still have the stock rear end in my ‘91 5.0 and I’m looking to 5 lug swap it. I have seen other threads touch on the topic but I want to ask the detailed questions about swapping the Gt Sn95 rear end to the fox body. Will everything screw into the frame when doing the swap? What...
  5. S

    2005 to 2010 steering wheel swap - guides?

    Hey guys, I've got a 2008 V6 and I just bought a 2014's steering wheel and a SWI-CP2 steering wheel control module to retrofit it my car. I've looked all over and have found 3 really good guides, but they all vary slightly and none of them specifically have the SWI-CP2. ~ Good case scenario...
  6. F

    New and looking for help on my 1994 v8 swap

    Hi new here but came here times before for helpful tips that showed up on google. Anyways I bought a 1994 v6 5 speed mustang that had a broken head gasket and I planned on fixing it, well one thing lead to another and now I am doing a 5.0L swap. The first questions that I have run into is are...
  7. L

    Question on swapping

    ok so let's just get this started by im generally new to mustangs but have quite a bit of experience with cars and trucks I've got a 90 mustang lx was 2.3 but now is 5.0 carbed manual t5 I've been having some problems with it but generally motor is in really good shape came out of a 94 f150 its...
  8. D

    Tr3650 to Tko500 swap

    Hey everyone, so unfortunately my third year in my 02 GT with a tr3650 went from occasionally grinding, to a completely shot synchro, so it's time to go. I've been extremely interested in a Tko 500 swap but I have to be 100% clear what I need to do the swap so I can crunch numbers and see what...
  9. C

    8.8 swap in 65 coupe brake problem

    I just put an explorer 8.8 disc brake rear end that has had long side shortened. My problem is, the calipers are touching my leaf springs. No way it will work. I know a lot of people have done this swap. What did I do wrong? How do I fix this. Please, any ideas will be appreciated.
  10. L

    Engine Engine/transmission HIGH REV IN REVERSE

    My name is Longsideburns202, if you add gmail. com to the name thats my personal email, So my issue is i have a 92 LX 4 Cyl converted over to a 5 speed 5.0 EFI, now that i've done the conversion, i was excited to try it out, but now as soon as i put the tranny in reverse, it revs high, to...
  11. 8

    Ghetto seat swap

    I just bought a 97 gt convertible and the seats in it are complete trash with dead motors that sag to the left. I wanna put anything else in it that would simply hold me in place but I'm in Hawaii so its slim pickings. How much work would it be to replace them with seats from a mid 90s civic or...
  12. justinc87

    2005 4.0 to 4.6/5.0 Swap

    Hello everyone, Yes, I am aware there are plenty of other posts regarding this. Just want some specific info without looking 20 places if anyone can help. I have a 4.0 that's getting close to 200k on it, and shortly after purchasing it, it developed transmission issues. So I am just going to...
  13. N

    Electrical Can you use the 4cyl electric fan controller in a 5.0 swap?

    I’m swapping a 5.0 engine from an 87 into an 89 which was originally a 2.3L. I know the 4cyl fan won’t fit, but could the electric fan controller and wiring from the 4cyl be used with an electric fan setup meant for a 5.0? I have the SVE Electric Fan Conversion Kit, which I guess could just be...
  14. F

    LS Swap New Edge Saleen S-281

    Hey there, fairly new here, figured I post my current project 2000 Saleen Mustang S-281 SC, bought the car with no engine. Kind of a Frankenstein of a build and a huge learning curve, so here is some info in case anyone is doing something similar. 5.3 LS swap, LS6 intake, PAC 1218 valve...
  15. R

    roush super charger from 2014 mustang gt to 2016?

    High guys. I'm new here but I've been looking for an answer to this every where and haven't found my answer. I have access to a wrecked 2014 mustang gt with a Roush supercharger on it and I'm wondering if it would be a direct bolt on to my 2016, but just the supercharger setup not the...
  16. F

    Drivetrain TKO 600 swap notes

    A couple months back I got a screaming deal on a clean, bone stock 90 LX with tranny issues, so I just went ahead and swapped my T5 for a TKO 600. I watched several videos and read other write-ups before tackling this, but I wanted to add my 2 cents to the mix for others who are contemplating...
  17. S

    Drivetrain 1983 mustang rear end swap

    hey dudes, I'm swapping the rear end of my 1983 fox and was trying ti figure out the compatibility of rear ends i could choose from. I am totally unsure if what will fit underneath my car. help is quite needed to this new mustang owner.
  18. A

    WTB/Trade T56 swap for 89 gt

    Looking for a t56 swap for my 89 mustang gt, flywheel, clutch trans everything, let me know what you have!
  19. 8

    Engine 302 block with a 355 stroker, would these internals work in a 351w

    Over the winter i am going to swap a 351W into my fox, currently i have a 302 motor stroked out to 355 (probe stroker kit) I am just curious if any of my current forged internals will work with a 351W. Here is my motor build list. Thanks for the help! Build list: Edlebrock e street heads 170...
  20. D

    For Sale 05 to 09 factory cup holder ambient lights help parts find

    hey i have a 2005 mustang gt i saw that the 2009 has the factory ambient lighting in the cupholders and the button, is there anyway too find those parts anymore for a upper center console swap? i looked parts says discontinued and ebay is dead.