Quick trivia - Did you guys know that....

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Dont you wish .....

Was changing out my diff one day at work and needed some extra gear oil. He gave me another bottle plus a bottle of friction modifier. HE told me about it..i'm like WTF?? A lot of techs called it sperm oil or whale sperm.

Picked up a bottle earlier today. Guy behind counter started making puns about it. So I made this thread. I should have done my research. Little did I know that MANY people have this confused. It is now Synthetic Sperm Oil. Not from whale sperm. It's Whale oil from a Sperm whale. But I think the synthetic counterpart because I think it's illegal to use the real thing.

LOL sorry for the false trivia. Looks like ---> I <--- learned something instead... DOH!

That was funny how you all reacted though.. haha