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The Green GT

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Jan 8, 2006
I decided that i cant stand that huge ass spot of peeling paint and I cant afford to get it fixed for a few months. So till then I just painted the cowl black. It covered almost all of the peeling clear coat and i think It looks pretty good.

First I taped off the edges of the cowl. Then I wetsanded it with 220 grit then went over that with some 400 making sure to level out where it was peeling.
View attachment 413893

Then I covered everything that I didnt want paint to get on.
View attachment 413894

Then I painted and after a few coats dried I wetsanded with some 1200 grit.
View attachment 413896

It still needs a little work. Tommorrow Ill wet sand it a few more time to get rid of some high and low spots, then i may spray a clear over it. It looks alot smoother IRL once all the water on it was completely dried.
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They look cool. Especially at night. But during the day it looks like there is all kinds of crap on the inside of the lens. And Ive only had them for ~8months.

Plus installation. :bang:

THAT is easily the biggest PITA Ive ever had with this car. And ive changed the clutch and the water pump. So that says alot.

lol yea i dont want them my friend does lol but i though i remembered someone saying they were a complete pain to put in. lol thanks

Yea they are a pain. you also have to splice the halo and the little light in the inside corner to the blinkers.

And the reason they get so ugly so fast is because of the way the projector bulb is held in. there is not an airtight seal.