Re-release of 1977 AMT hatchback model


Jul 31, 1998
Birmingham, AL
I found this listing for a re-release of 1977 AMT hatchback model (about 4 down):

The interesting thing is that this company occasionally produces their own small run of certain models. I wonder if we could get them to do a MII coupe?


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Yeah...I'm not really sure why they reproduced this one...there always seemed to be a few available on eBay.

I've never seen a coupe other than the NittoKagaku in 1/16th scale or a straight-forward CBII other than the Entex in 1/16th scale. Since those run about $100 on eBay (when you can find them), it would be great to have reproductions of them.

Is anybody aware of a coupe or CBII in 1/25th scale?

Here is the Model Roundup e-mail address: [email protected]

Write and ask them for what you want!