Re Wrapping My seats next week


Mar 26, 2009
Metro Detro
So im going to redo my seats next week, im sick and tired of having my seat all tore up on the side, plus everything in my interior is mint besides the seats themselves. Problem is my seat motor doesnt go forward only backward, you kind of have to help it alot so it can move forward. Is there a remedy for this or am i stuck having to get a used seat somewhere and then re-wrapping that one.

This is the color scheme i want to go with
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Swap out the seat rails. Its four bolts that hold it on. I actually went to manual in my 95 when I did the interior swap. It gave me a little more head room and no more wore out motor.
A little off subject but when my seat broke in my '01 I went to the local junkyards looking for a seat. 1 place said they had one and took me to it... needless to say it was out of a car and exposed to the weather. Hell it had weeds growing around it and the guy couldn't understand why I didn't want to buy it! I ended up buying a corbeau seat rather than trying to match seats and still pay a lot for a lesser seat