Rear Bumper Modification


I've been lubing and pulling it all morning
Jul 18, 2013
anyone here modify there rear bumper in a way so its less of a parachute? I still have the factory bumper bracing and its still flimsy. I plan to remove it soon. And I feel it would only get worse.

What have you done to modify the rear bumper? I don't want to drill a bunch of 2 inch holes and look like a ricer either. I'm just looking for a few ideas...
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the only thing I can think of is making a rear diffuser that starts at the gas tank and goes halfway up the rear bumper. doing this will allow me to cut out about 6 inches of the rear bumper. and the diffuser would block all openings that would normally catch air.

I should add that this is a 91 GT bumper.
anything over 20mph i can hear it flapping. i could imagine it being a small parachute at the track when hitting 110mph or more. this isnt so much a problem for the lx bumpers, but the gt bumper hangs quite a bit lower.
the car is completely rust free and all the mounting points are good. the bumper itself just seems soft. maybe its the summer heat here in florida has degraded the material.

either way, i would still want to make a rear diffuser or switch to the much smaller LX bumper. even if it didnt flap, i would still want to do something to it to reduce drag.

I understand it won't make much of a difference, but I see it the same way I see weight reduction. Every ounce counts. and every bit of drag reduced counts as well. it all adds up.
cobra bumper ftw