Rear Control Arm Bolts... where to buy??


Founding Member
Oct 29, 2002
Allentown, PA
I lost the rear control arm bolts (both upper and lower) and am wondering where the best place to find new ones is?

Can I get them from an automotive store or Home Depot? Do you know what the specs/size is on them?

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I went to a Cat ( Catepillar ) shop, and bought mine.
They have amazing quality, 10.9 bolts, and you can really see and feel that they would not rust away from you...
Do not buy any "normal" bolts, 8,8 quality for your rear control arms...
Good Luck, Just me. :)
I dont remember the size, but they are metric, and I got longer ones in a hardware store, also the high strength ones. I got them in a True Value store with a hugh bolt selection, but Lowes or Home Depot may have them.