Rear end shake


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Jan 14, 2002
Hamilton, NJ
I've noticed all my the Mustangs I've ever had have done this (98 Cobra, 95 GT, 96 GT, 87 GT, 85 GT). A lot of times it happens when I'm taking a jughandle. I'll hit a seam in the pavement spanning the road and the rear will hit it and do a side to side shake or wobble. What about the suspension causes this? It's really annoying and not good for control of the car.
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do you have aftermarket LCAs? If so, ck the condition of the bushings...I split the ****it out of mine (Steedas) and the rear end felt like it was going to slide out from underneath me. I really don't drive it THAT hard, so I was surprised. I've never launched it hard...with much bite...street radials spin too much anyway.
Otherwise, it's just part of the nature of a solid rear axle, ride height too tall and wrong shock/spring settings. I know this doesn't fully address your question, but the first thing I'd do is ensure nothing is broken. Next, I'd visit and get some tips from Chad, who races in the American Iron series.