rear lca


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Aug 25, 2004
thinking about ordering a set this coming week. just wondering hows the ride? is it too much for a car thats mostly street driven? is the install a pain? im thinking of the ones made by MM (mmrlca-1) also did it come with all the hardware? dont wanna have to be running to the store.

also wanna replace the bushings on my uppers, but hear its a real pita. :( i read on MM site that the uppers on our cars are the same as the ford racings ones. so no point in buying new ones. i was just going to replace the old bushings with new ones.

hoping with all this i wont fry my tires in 2nd anymore and can get the car moving instead. :nice:
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repalecing the lowers are easy: jack the rear of the car up put jack stand under the frame then jack the axle up set it on another set of jack stands, loosen all the bolts put a jack under the rear of the LCA get the bolt out and slowly lower it so the spring doesnt shoot out unbolt the front drop out old put in new place spring on an jack up into place, bolt it up.
The uppers are a pain from what i hear, i replaced mine while the axle was out:D

All bolts are 18mm:nice: