Rear License Plate Bulbs

My left rear license plate bulb is broke and the lens covering is smashed.
The right bulb flickers and the covering is cracked.

It passed inspection (today) but my mechanic told me he called the Ford dealer and they dont supply them anymore. Any place I can get them?

Latemodel Resto has the lens covering for $10.95/each. Is that a descent price because I know some of their products are expensive.
I'll get the bulbs at AutoZone.

Thanks guys!
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New Member
Jun 25, 2004
Spokane Washington
I had the same problem with the exception that my lens were completly missing. In my search I found Late model restoration was the only place to have the light covers. They are an OEM peice so that is nice, but on the other side you can get them from a wrecking yard as well. The down side was I had to look for mine and found a pair that were not beat to crap. They cost me Free.99 a good pocket item. :lol: I stuck it to you pull and save!