Rear Suspension/Brakes and Strut Tower Brace on!


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Jan 15, 2002
Los Angeles
H&R Super Race Rear Springs (260-300# progressive rate- recommended rate from MM to match front suspension)
Bilstein HD Rear Shocks
Steeda 2 Point Strut Tower Brace (mainly to compliment coilover)
Brembo Slotted Gold Rear Rotors and Hawk HPS Rear Pads

I took out the Bullitt Suspension I still had in the rear, and its a big difference. Since I had a stiffer rate in front from the coilover, this really neutralizes steering feel, as opposed to a exaggerated understeer. The ride quality is much better so far as well.

The springs are supposed to drop about 1.25" after they settle, and the bilsteins are much better compared to the tokicos.

As can see in the picture of the strut tower below, using a mach 1 brace on a GT, you have to be careful how you line it up, or else you won't be able to ge the oil cap off. Pushing the brace towards the passenger side and adding washers allows you to get the cap off.







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Kilgore Trout said:
Should have gotten a four point STB...
I may put a shaker on this motor, or mach 1 way later on, so didn't want to have to buy another brace. Also, i liked how light this one was. With coilover, the weight is pushing diagnolly inwards since all the weight is resting on strut towers, so I just wanted support for that specific force