Remove Support Bumpers For Weight Reduction


I've been lubing and pulling it all morning
Jul 18, 2013
I want to remove the front and rear support bumpers from my 91 GT fox for weight reduction. I want to keep the factory bumper covers as well.before I dive into this and waste a bunch of time, do I need to fabricate mounting points to hold the bumpers to the car? Or are they mounted to the body and will bolt right back on with out the braces underneath?
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If you mean the bumper "shocks", they are what the bumper bolts to, and in turn they bolt to the frame. Steeda used to make some aluminum pieces that replaced the shocks and brackets, and allowed you to bolt the bumpers right back on, and eliminate 20 pounds or so. I've got them on my front, but left the rear alone, the back end is already too light....
found this on There's a guy making these in cromoly. supposed to save a good bit of weight

i have none of the bumper support stuff and no sag

So you just took everything out from behind the bumper "cover" and bolted it back on? Thats exactly what I am looking to do. I have seen people in numerous places state that the front is worth 20-22lbs plus another 15-17 for the fog light bracket and lights, and the rear is worth 40-43lbs. Thats a 75-82lb drop for free... Give or take a few of course.
Hot Rod did a test about this years ago on a plastic bumper Camaro. The bumper flexed at speed at the top end. And that flapping slowed the car down. So much for weight reduction being a good thing.
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