Removing Dash???


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Oct 27, 2002
I have decided to change my interior get rid of the nasty tan and go with all black. I am going to order a new dash.
I haven't the slightest clue on how to get the old one out.:shrug:
I dunno where to start on this thing.
Should I just try interior die on my old dash or can I get the old one out and it not take forever to do so.
Please help???
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Dash removal:
3rd post has pics of bolt locations and a nice write up (though about pulling mine out as well) the way it looks 2 people would make it a tons easier. Good luck.

That is a real good thread. I used it when I swapped mine. Took us the better part of 6 hours to do everything in both cars. It was hot as hell also. Either way don't be scared of it. Two people is a must though.

Here is pics from my swap last year.
Ive never used interior dye before, but it sounds a lot easier. It is a PITA:( . but dont be afraid to get in there. I had to remove my dash to replace a leaking heater core. if those directions above arent good enough get a haynes manual. when reinstalling the dash make sure that you push it and wigle it back up into place, if its not just right there can be minor fitment issues with the the rest of the interior pieces. good luck :nice:
Thanks for all the info guys. I might go for the dye. I'd have to pull the dash either way. I'm swapping over to the 98 center console as well. I need cup holders and mine has a crack on the consoloe lid anyway. I appreciate the link for the removal. Yea from what I can see two guys would make it a lot easier.