Right front brake dragging

Black GT

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Sep 8, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida
I have a 2001 manual GT. It has gotten lately to where it seems almost like the parking brake is on. Today I took it for a ride. I stopped and bought gas and it started doing it afterwards. It felt like a rear brake dragging but when I got back home I felt all the wheels and the right front was so hot I could not hardly touch it. I am thinking it needs a caliper. Wondering if anyone has experienced a dragging brake and if replacing the caliper solved the problem?
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Jul 11, 2020
Franklin, TN
Yes. Very similar story on my 2002 manual GT. Once the caliber cooled, the wheel was free. I changed the passenger front caliber and all was good.

I had the same thing with my back driver side and front driver side, too.
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Dec 30, 2018
Medford, OR
So im hoping yours isnt the same but i have a horror story for dragging brakes....

So mine was doing the same except it was the rear for me I thought no big deal ill do both rear calipers and call it a day. changed with no difference so its an older car so i replaced the rear flex hoses as well because they are cheap but then i found a killer deal on front calipers so i decided why not. changed all pads, calipers, rotors, and flex lines. drove fine for a day only to come back hard. based on the suggestion of a friend I unplugged the harness plug to the abs pump, bled the hell out of the system and tested it and it fixed it. So i still dont have abs and left it unplugged because from what i can tell the abs pump is malfunctioning and pressure is going into brake lines but it wont return so its over pressurizing lines


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Dec 2, 2001
Bridgeport Connecticut
I just went through a similar situation except it was driver's front. Decided to replace all rotors, front calipers and pads all around. Full fluid flush. I was like "oh, this car rolls now". LOL You described it perfectly. Felt like the e brake was on but the pedal felt weird, like the brakes were still on even though my foot was off it. American Muscle had a deal on stoptech cross drilled rotors and power stop red powder coated front calipers. Also replaced front rubber brake hoses. Original equipment. How many miles on the 01? I'm creeping up on 157k


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Feb 18, 2001
99-04 front calipers are notorious for seizing up, especially if the car sits for any period of time