Rocker Stud Size

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I know gt40 irons and e7 are pedestal. and I think gt40p stuff are the same, although ive never had my hands on a set of those. there are quite a few sets of aluminum heads that used to be made for pedestals. the only problem is that other than all the time it takes to adjust the rockers correctly compared to a real stud/guideplate combo, is above about 6200 or with more spring pressure they start having deflection and breakage issues.
Lets say I'm looking at Explorers as donor vehicles for heads, should I snag the injectors while I'm at it if possible? A'rent the Explorers with GT40 heads equipped with 24lb injectors? They're color coded right? What color are the 24lb'ers?

Also, If I go with the P heads in need to make sure my headers wont have clearance issues with the spark plugs. The headers are some knock off brand. Soon, I'll post a pic of them installed showing current clearance with my E7's. Maybe you guys can look at clearance in the picture and tell me if you think they'll work with the P heads.
The explorer injectors are 19lbs just like the stock mustang injectors. However, some suggest that the explorer injectors have a better spray pattern, but I really can't say. 24lb injectors should be blue. 3.0 rangers and Taurus's came with 24lbers, as well as 5.0 cobras and several others.

I have the same rockers on my gt40's. They will work. You may want to pick up a shim kit while you are ordering. The explorer intake and throttle body are upgrades as well.

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whenever I used to set them I would shim them to try get my 20ft/lbs between 1/4 and 3/4 turn. I just felt like over 3/4 turn was too much. that's just personal preference though.
Here's the pics of installed headers on E7's. Looks like plenty of room for the slightly different angle of the GT40P heads, wouldnt you say? But the dipstick tube (pic 3) might present a challenge. What can be done about that?