rough idle and coolant smell


New Member
Feb 5, 2009
i have a 94 five speed gt and first question is when driving car runs perfect idles perfect when sitting just when i come to stop the idle hangs around at 1000 rpm for a sec and car shakes then drops to 700 rpm and is fine secound question i changed water pump doesnt leak anywhere i just smell coolant all the it doesnt really ever seem low on coolant i always check any ideas thanks for the help
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if you just replaced the water pump, i'm sure its just the spilled water still burning off. I hate I hate I hate coolant. It never seems to go away. If you're sure there is no leak then just wipe everything down again to be sure.

check for a vacuum leak like Bosko said.
i looked under the car theres coolant on the sway bar but nowhere else i raised the car up a tad to look under let it run for awhile but it didnt leek the wheep hole is dry but seems to be a small puddle just sitting above oil pan could that just be left from when i changed pump and for the vibration problem i looked at the harmonic balancer and the rubber seems to be half way out so could that be the problem and if so do i get the 28oz or 50oz thanks for the help
And in the mean time don't drive the car. A spun balancer can do lots of internal damage if ignored.

If you are interested I have the complete 1995 FORD car CD service manual. EVTM (Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manuals), Service Manual and PCED (Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis Manuals). PM me for details.