Rygen break's into the 8's on 1/8


former 10 second badass
Aug 13, 2005
Northern Virginia
Ok, 2nd visit to the track and I am quite pleased with the results!!!! I think I have made considerable improvement. Let me know what you guys think.

So here are my results:


1ST Run

• R/T: 1.136
• 60’: 2.196
• 330: 6.254
• 1/8: 9.665
• MPH: 71.93


1st Run

• R/T: .670
• 60’: 2.456
• 330: 6.728
• 1/8: 9.979
• MPH: 75.11

A note on this run, it was my first time on a juiced run and I launched hard. The car actually fishtailed a bit and started for the wall so I had to let off the gas. Scared me actually, was about to switch back to NA runs but I pushed myself to get back out there with the juice.

2nd Run

• R/T: .685
• 60’: 2.212
• 330: 6.050
• 1/8: 9.251
• MPH: 76.27

3rd Run

• R/T: .684
• 60’: 2.138
• 330: 5.940
• 1/8: 9.148
• MPH: 75.30

4th Run

• R/T: .618
• 60’: 2.143
• 330: 5.920
• 1/8: 9.100
• MPH: 76.34

On this run, I ran against a juiced Nissan 240, he was actually pulling on me but I could tell when the juice ran out for him because he couldn’t catch me. He was frustrated after the run and his friends were like, what happened man, we thought you were gonna catch that guy! LOL.

So now for the final run, which was my best:

Best Run

• R/T: 1.166
• 60’: 2.056
• 330: 5.802
• 1/8: 8.981
• MPH: 76.53

Yea baby!!!! Broke into the 8’s with my six banger stang!!!!!! Today was a new experience for me, import guys and V8 mustang guys were checking out the car in the staging lanes. After I ripped off the 9.100, they were impressed. A 3.8 guy hung out with me and was asking me what I did to pull that off. The 03/04 GT guys were way cool to me, and impressed with my time. Most of them were running 9.4’s.

So what did I take away from today?

1. Launching with nitrous is way different, it’s like learning how to launch all over again. I know I can do better on my launch.
2. I need new tires Damnit!!!!!! These pneros suck!!! LOL.


Like last weekend I am hooked, and can’t wait to go again. Next weekend or the following weekend, I am going to a 1/4 track and hope to break into the 13's.
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wish i had an open track this time of the year :frown:

good job! its always nice to have someone with some experience to help point out the little things that are often overlooked. just the smallest adjustments can give a big gain.
Excepcion13 said:
Sorry I missed it today. I am DEFINITELY going next week!! That looks like magic man's vette in the background... So, c'mon, tell us... Any kills?

Adam was there (MAGCMAN), he ran some flat 8's then they had to push his car out of the way. Not sure why. His girlfriend drove so he had a ride. Remember, his car was running lean on the dyno.
Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the track in the not too distant future. In a couple of weeks I'll be getting a few mods done to my car. Nothing major like nitrous or other forced induction. Just some suspension improvements (sway bars), sound improvements (headers), better tires and slightly better performance (dyno tune).