Saleen rear bumper cover(99-04)


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Jun 14, 2004
Anybody know anything about rear Saleen bumper covers (99-04)??

Having trouble with it hanging down, was told by another member that it can be attached to straps on the gas tank..

Didnt know there were straps on the gas tank, but I could see that working..

Anybody know anything about this??


Was in an accident, had to replace the rear bumper cover, went directly to Saleen.

Took my car to a quality shop, paint came out great (tons of prep work needed though).

HERES THE PROBLEM: The bumper cover bolted on fine, looks perfect except it hangs WAYY* too low, probably only an inch and a half/ 2inches of clearance. The curvature is off somehow, instead of tucking back, it just hangs..[]

I called saleen, explained the situation, said they'd get back to me, havent heard from them..[!]

My old bumper cover (original saleen as well) tucked in so I had probably 3 or 4 inches of clearance.. (Sat at just about same height of the bottom of my 3 1/2" exhaust tips)..

Not sure if they're always secured, or if I ended up with a warped bumper cover or what..

Im sure it would be real easy to drill a couple holes at the very underneath edge (theres a 1/2 lip under there) and suspend it somehow (maybe up to the exhaust hangers)..

I need someones help...

Thanks guys
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