SCT tuner for IRMC delete


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Jul 21, 2014
I have a 2017 Mustang GT and have a question about deleting the IRMC and tuning. The back story is I had been getting a P0308 code and I took it to the mechanic. He replaced the coil and a few days later she threw a P0300 code. Mechanic indicates its likely something sticking with the IRMC. Rather than replacing a manifold that is back ordered by Ford for 3 months, he recommend I order an IMRC Control Lock Out Kit. Doing this would require a modification to the ECU. The tuner I am looking at is the SCT BDX. I am unfamiliar with tuners and tuning in general, so this is probably a newb question. Does the tuner come with the capability to modify the ECU or do I also need a custom tune for this? Thanks in advance!
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