Sct-x4 Tune - I'm Ready But Concerned


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Dec 18, 2014
After putting in the X-Pipe, Roush Axle back exhaust, lowering springs and K&N filter, I'm looking at doing the Flash. But I have concerns about flashing a new car with 2000+ miles.

What's the consensus, is there a risk to screwing up the engine with a faulty tune or any concerns about doing it.
I read the post below about the Bama tune and it has me worried. I am ready to buy from the guys at Late model restoration with the custom tunes to my mods.

So what's your thoughts? Should I worry? Should I blow it off and just enjoy the care as is?

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They make new pistons every day, so why worry?
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Jul 2, 2009
South Jersey
As far as flashing the PCM goes, there is no real worry for that. Overall, the generalized tunes that any big company sends out to the masses is very conservative and will not endanger your engine. Conservative does not always lend itself to big gains in HP, a custom tune will optimize your horse power for sure. What is nice about these newer cars is the fact that you have a wide band sensor in the exhaust to let you know what your Air/Fuel ratios are, you can monitor them after the installation of a tune to ensure the safety of the engine.

Personally, there are not enough gains to warrant a custom tune with the parts that you have already installed. Are you done modifying the car? If not then I would advise you to wait until you finish your upgrades as to only spend the money on a custom tune once. When that time comes you can find a local trustworthy dyno facility or work with someone like John Lund to remotely tune the car.


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Mar 5, 2015
East Alabama
So yourself a favor, just buy the SCT 7015 directly from SCT as a base unit and use that. When you're ready to dyno tune, find a good dyno tuner that is familiar with SCT sodtware and let them actually tune the car.
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