SN95 Self test Will not perform


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Aug 21, 2018
1995 Mustang GT 5.0l V8
I Started working on this car 3 years ago and dropped it because I had other things I Needed to focus on. I Started working on it again last month and managed to get the car running reliably. Reliably enough to drive although a really cool rear main seal stands in the way of it being a Daily.

The car has a CEL While running and only while running. When following the procedure stated in the code reader's Manual (Innova 3145 EEC-IV Code Reader) it does not give any Instructions for the KOER Self Test (I.E. Rev the engine, Turn the wheel...) I am also not certain that the KOEO Self Test completes itself, the Fuel Pump runs when the "TEST/HOLD" Button is pressed but I Heard no "Clicking" in the engine bay as the Manual states one should when the test runs. Its hooked up to the Black and Grey connector on the Passenger side of the car Right behind the Strut Tower. Could the reader have gone bad in the 3 years since I Bought it. I Admittedly did not store it in the best of conditions (In a Garage in a Bin that sat on the Concrete floor) Or am I Simply doing something wrong

What I mean by I'm following the Reader's procedure is:

Warm Engine to Normal Operating Temp's

Engine off

Plug in Reader

Set to KOEO and Turn on Reader, AC Off


Wait for Self test to complete and Read codes.

For KOEO it does not Result in ANY Codes, no pass codes nor fail codes, and KOER Results in a similar story except the code reader actually identifies that the CEL is on. Pressing the Memory button results in nothing except for a "000" code being displayed on the reader. The car also has a faulty Coolant Reservoir sensor although that's the only sensor I Know of with an actual issue. I Remember being able to pull codes from the car 3 years ago but for whatever reason now I Just cant. Any ideas?
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