shift kits?


Apr 23, 2023
Any recommendations or advice? Never installed one but used to build engines so I can figure it out. The 2 I know of are Trans-Go and B&M. Any others? Any that I should avoid or should get? Any tips? Basically Looks like B&M has 2 stages. Should I avoid stage 2? or possibly stage 1? I have had shift kits and manual valve bodies in previous cars but trans shops built those.

For reference: Have a 1995 GT all stock. As of now my plans are shift kit then over winter maybe 3.73s (have 3.27's now) and MAYBE a slight convertor upgrade. After all that I MAY possibly go with either GT40 heads and intake or aftermarket heads with GT40 intake but those would be down the road another year or so. And if I go that far I may toss a cam in but I don't want to go over about 300 HP. Don't want to affect driveability, reliability or any computer crap so cam may stay stock because of that.
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I've heard good things about the bauman shift kitsch. I've got one it was 60 bucks. I was intimidated with taking apart the vb so I bought the performance automatic street/strip valve body and installed that along with the transgo hirev governer kit. With 4.10 gears my cars wot shifts in drive are both at 5500 rpm. That paired with a edge 3500-3800 nonlockup stall made my car feel like a totally different ride!