Should I advance ?

This morning I started my cam swap.I'm using a TF stage 1.Should I advance it 4 deg to bring the powerband down? I'm using performer heads,cobra intake,stock bottom end.Also do they make offset keys for the crank? Tried to buy some from Summit and the kid said they only came in 4 degrees.Is that true? I thought they came in 1 deg incriments.Why I'm asking is I'm off by 1 1/2 deg.I started tearing it apart at 7:00 am and got fed up around 6:00 pm.I was getting pi**ed off and figured I better walk away till tomorrow.I'm gonna start over just to make sure I didn't miss anything.
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How does changing the timing effect the cam set up? I know adding a few degrees to the BTDC will increase your power but how do you bring your power band down in the RPM range...curious as I want to bring mine down as well. (SEE SIG FOR PARTS)