Should I buy Koni Red shocks and struts?


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Mar 21, 2001
Boyertown, Pa
I can get Koni red shocks and struts for $50, but am not aware how many miles are on them, but aren't they able to be rebuilt? I am not sure, but I think I remember seeing at one point a long time ago that Koni's can be rebuilt. Are all of the Red ones adjustable or just some of them? Does anyone know how the ride is? There is only one review over i the review section so I was seeing if I could get more opinions. Thank you

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I don't know how what I have compares to the Koni Reds - I have Konis, adjustable for what I **think** is compression, but they are orange. The ride is ok if you leave the adjustment at the minimum, but the more you click up from the minimum the harsher the ride is. I also have FMS C-springs.

I have two Ducatis with fully adjustable suspensions (compression, rebound and spring pre-load). The one thing I have learned from those is that the more adjustments you have the more chances you have to f**k something up. If you have no other problems with the Tokicos I would leave them be. Koni's are nice and I think they are all rebuildable, but for what you pay for them you can buy the T's and keep some money in the bank.


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Jan 6, 2004
Koni reds struts are adjustable. The rears aren't... Honestly I never play with the adjustment at all anyways. As for finding them cheap, I don't know where to find them. Most people keep them forever because they are fully repairable and rebuildable(lifetime warranty). Good luck. Also look into bilstein as far as a good shock.


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Jul 29, 2003
The Koni reds are fine for the street, however, if you plan to take it on the track, the yellows are much better - especially the double-adjustable ones. My experience witht the reds is that I had to adjust the rebound all of the way up in order to keep the front under control on the track.

Switching to the sports (Yellows) fixed that problem. Of course, they are a lot more expensive.


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Jan 4, 2001
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Koni "RED" rears are adjustable. You have to collapse the shock and twist until it clicks. I have them for 13 years now and love 'em. I have them on full soft for the street. Have driven a few Nascar tracks w/ car and have only upped them 1 stage. They rock. They are also guaranteed for life.