Should I buy this terminator engine?

My friends dad knows a guy who says he's got a 03 terminator motor with the blower on it sitting on his garage floor taking up space. He says it's got a "blown head gasket". How difficult are these motors to rebuild compared to a pushrod motor? If it's just the head gasket can I just replace it? Don' t know much about mod motors. Any info is appreciated.:nice:
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I have read about plenty of people blowing a head gasket. They are easy to replace with the engine out. The only problem with those engines are the fact that the ptw clearance is to tight. That is a good.
1,500 with the blower. If the gasket is bad can I just replace it?

Jump on it....even if the entire bottom end is trashed, the engine complete with blower is still worth well over twice that!
You could prob make $1500+ parting it out if it's junk.

Blower = 300-500

Blower alone maybe, but sold complete with the lower intake manifold, intercooler and all accompanying hoses and parts that blowers worth well into the $1,500-$2,000 ragne...even used! Mach 1 and '99-'01 Cobra guys would be all over it!!!