Singing the cylinder head blues

jerry S

New Member
Sep 3, 2003
52.22N 5.12E
My car is Stateside for all the work listed below in my signature. My mechanic has been through 3 different heads in as many weeks. First, the builder swore by the World Products Alum Windsor heads. I called the builder and said that I had not heard good things about the windsor heads. Flatlander Racing, for example, won't sell them anymore. The blder. said that they were porting them on their own and that they would bring these heads up to speed. So my mechanic gets the car back and finds a leak in the heads, a leak that was there when the heads left the shop. He is PeeOed and sends the heads back. He gets some Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads and on the dyno last night, heard sounds later identified as the new springs breaking. TFs are now 86ed and he is picking up some Edelbrock Performer RPMs for a late night instalation. And the boat to rotterdam that my car is booked on sails one week from today.

It seems like it is really a crap shoot with some of these products. I hope all the Gremlins have been worked out. Gulp.
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