SLP POWER-FLO vs. Flowmaster American Thunder Catback

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Oct 10, 2004
La Mirada, CA
So i am considering a new exhaust set up.

Right now i have a UPR O/R-X with a Flowmaster American Thunder Catback.

...I have the chance to Buy a SLP catback with POWER-FLO Mufflers for a good price.... but i have a question....

With a O/R Midpipe will The Power-Flo Catback Be As Loud/Louder than my Flowmaster Catback or will it be Quieter?

I really dont wanna buy a catback that quieter than my Flowmasters so i need your help guys.

Can someone please explain how loud the SLP Power-Flos are compared to another Muffler? I have heard everything EXCEPT the power-flos in person

Thanks Guys!!
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PowerFlos are the quietest of the SLP lineup(not really that quite though :) ). I had them on my car before I switched to the LMIIs. They do sound awesome. They have a nice deep tone to them and do get louder after they break in. I would recommend them.
Not sure how they compare to the american thunder though :(
If you can get a good deal on them, get them, you can always resell them and get your money back + some since you got a deal. :nice: