Small rust spot removal


Apr 3, 2004
Liberty, Mo
So for years I've been in and out of stangnet keeping up with things here and there and I've always said that once I graduate college I'll start work on my '91 notch. Well I graduated in December, and I landed a nice job... so its going to soon be time to get started finally!
For now, though, I need to buy a new car and save money to build the stang so while its waiting for its turn I'd like to get rid of the small rust spots that have formed (the car has been my daily driver for 8 years now). What is the best way to get rid of those annoying small surface rust spots? I was thinking to sand them out and then spray a primer on them just to stop them from spreading... any other good ideas?
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Bolt on 5.0

Founding Member
Jun 26, 2002
Suffolk, NY
Por 15

Grind down the area with a angle grinder and brown disc. Make sure you remove all the rust. The use the Por 15 stuff worked great for my old mustang. Then use rust desolver, clean and finish with the Por15 coating. I left mine like that over the winter before paint and it stayed great. I kept the car for a year after this repair and no signs of any rust returning.