Some questions about my stroker plans, please help!

Chowder Head

Dec 30, 2003
Tampa, FL
I was thinking about putting a 331 stroker in a stock 95 Mustang GT.

I think I got a good idea with the head choice. The AFR 185's, I've heard that these heads are the "best" but I want to hear your opinions about them and if there is something better.

My my cam choice, that's one of the parts when I'm not sure of either. I've heard from people that to go with an Ed Curtis cam. Who is Ed? I've haven't heard about his work but I guess it must be great if a lot of people reccommend him, but I have no idea what kind of work he does. Any other cam choices that would be ideal?

Now the intake, I was looking at either for a Trickflow Street or Track heat, Edelbrock RPM, RPM II. That's all I was thinking about. What would be the best one from the list? Did I miss another good intake out there that I didn't mention?

And all the parts you guys advise, please keep in mind that this will be a daily driver.

Oh and now the dreaded beat to death question....Anybody have an ESTIMATE on the amount of power this combo will generate?

Thank you all very much to those who reply, really appreciate it!
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AFRs arent necesarily "the best" set of heads, but they will more than do the job for you. Ed Curtis is a custom cam grinder who makes a cam specifically for YOU. Its based around your combo, your car weight, gears, headers etc etc........... A cam from him runs around 350 i believe, for a hydraulic roller. Use the Edelbrock rpm or whatever. The ports line up very well together. But if you do get a custom cam, thje grinder will be the person to ask about what to get. There are plenbty of other custom cam grinders out there. Jay Allen at camshaft innovations and Buddy Rawls to name a couple.