Son of a B!!!


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Aug 16, 2004
Limped my car into the shop for the rear end bearings to be done today and the car is not ready, won't be ready till tomorrow... His son had a baby today so it killed his whole day... So now here I sit at work waiting the hour for my wife to drive out here and get me...

The worst part.. It is 65' and sunny, perfect to have put the top down after not driving the car for the last 5 weeks!!!

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That sucks. But don't complain too much, I havn't driven my car in almost 7 months! Now that the nice weather's rolling in Im starting to go through withdrawals lol.
Well it gets worse... I pick up the car on Saturday after it is not ready on Friday, and drive it the 50 miles home. Still has some whine to it.

Then I took it to work yesterday. On the 50 miles in it seemed OK, then on the drive home it started clunking again....

ARGHHH.... At this point I am fairly confident that the guy that did the install is an idiot....

How much NE Connecticut are you? What kinda noise? I've done a couple of wheel bearing jobs on the ol' 8.8 (in my bronco).

Once 'cause an axle seal was gone and leaking and once to put in my salvaged (free) traction-loc :flag:
Killingly. exit 91 off 395.

Well this last time he replaced all 6 beargings and all of the seals. I bought the $120 kit from mustangs unlimited to have everything...

So where you at?

Today i am hoping to get enough time while the baby is sleeping to pull the D/S down and check the torque on the pinion and on the pinion nut, then my bud is coming up tomorrow and we will probably be going in for the kill to get thsi thing done...