Spare Tire Question


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Feb 25, 2004
I can't seem to find the search function on this forum maybe because I have not been on here in a while? I have a 2012 Boss 302 and would like a spare tire in the truck even if it is a space saver spare. Will the 2012 and newer GT Mustang space saver spare fit my car? I believe the stock rims on my car are 19 inches. I have already bought a stock jack for it so now I need a spare tire.

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No they will not clear your front brake calipers. They might clear the rears, but if you had a flat on the front you would have to put a rear tire on the front and the spare on the rear.

My Track Pack car did not come with a spare, I enjoy having the hidden trunk space personally.
Like the trunk space til I misjudged a cutaway slightly 2 days ago, just enough to blow the right rear P Zero on my BBP car. The tire snot just shot out the sidewall, which wasn't a good sign so, I just drove it zero pressure the 3 km to home at 5km/h via the sideroads. Now I was on the bench with my DD car that I use for business. Phone my tire selling friend locally and can't get the tires I want for a couple days, in fact there were only 8 available nationally where I live (Michelin Pilot Sport AS3s). So....on go the drag slicks and that's what I'm rolling's been between -5 and -7 centrigrade for the last week...fortunately dry. Would I prefer a spare, yes. Problem is, it would have to match the diameter of the BBP wheel and tire or it would make the Advancetrak system go ape:poo:.