Split 5-spoke 96-98 wheels on 5lug Fox?

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Nov 6, 1999
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I have a set of the 96-98 split five-spoke wheels in my basement, and I'd like to find a way to get them on my 1986 Fox before the dry-rotted rubber on my ten-holes falls off.


I know common opinion says these wheels don't fit on the Mark VII rotor. Will they fit on the 10" five-lug Ranger rotor that's a direct swap onto my car? How about with a spacer? What if I beat down the dustcap or leave it off and grind on them? What size spacer will I need?

I can't afford the whole SN95 spindle swap right now, but I can swing $100 for a pair of new rotors, and a couple axles and drums from the Pull-A-Part.

If anybody has pics of these wheels on a Fox (especially a red LX 'Vert) I'd love to see them.



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You are pretty much gonna need SN95 front brakes. The way the spindle protrudes on the Ranger or Mark 7 rotors makes it hard to mount the wheels.

If you really want to try it out, go to Autozone or somewhere and buy a ranger rotor for $25 or so. Then bolt it to the wheel and see what would need to be done to make the center cap fit.

Spacers might work, but i'm dead set against recommending them due to the number of guys who have lost wheels with them. If you do run spacers you'll NEED hardened lugs and that will drive cost up enough where you should just buy an SN95 front setup anyway
yeah ive got a 96 cobra axle in the rear and 94 95 spindles up front.....they are direct bolt in expect you need some washers to space out the ball joint nut....the front probably take 20-30 mins a side....you can get the whole spindle (spindle, brakes, rotor, brake line, everything) from a junk yard pretty cheap....that is diffently the way i would go up front....its just to easy and pretty darn cheap
I suppose so. That brings the tab to about $150 just for the front spindles, unfortunately. Then I've gotta buy new struts ($150), since I have a pre-87, and maybe new balljoints ($100) and brake rotors ($50) if the junkyard's aren't up to par.

Then there's the $75 for new axles and drums in the rear .. Or maybe I can get a Mark VII axle for $100 at the U-Pull-It, but if I did then I need a new MC, prop valve and plumbing for another $50 or so. WHee.

Oh, and then I need a $75 alignment.

And let's not forget that two of the tires on the split-fives will need replacing for at least $200.

Sounds like big bags of money, teH sux0r. Maybe I should sell the wheels and find some four-lugs.

Peice it together over time. It sounds like a big hit when you buy it all at once but if you buy a couple things here and there and let it sit, then it won't seem so bad.

I peiced my $750 Cobra 13"/11.65" setup together over the course of 2 years. You don't need to take that much time, but $100 every couple months isn't that bad.