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Joe Rangel

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Mar 17, 2014
So i'm planning on building up an engine for my 95gt. I'm not trying to go crazy with a drag car because that's way to complicated for me lol I'm deployed and the wife said i could so i'm taking advantage of it while she's still ok with it. I'm starting off with just a regular 302 block and want to get a 347 stroker kit from AM. Thinking of some GT40 heads. I have an extra E303 cam but wanting something a little bigger because it's not choppy enough for me lol So just wondering what ya'll have built or any advice that you can give me. Only motor i've built was with my dad and was a Chevy 305 which wasn't hard but it wasn't Fuel Injected so i'm not sure if it's harder. I have most of the bolt ons on my car already so just need to know about the block, internals, cam, and heads. I live in South Dakota so there isn't any performance shops i'll be able to take it too so if anyone knows how i would be able to get that done or if i would have to get some other type of computer. Sorry if it seems like dumb questions just don't want to build it and have it mess up. Also if anyone knows any places in South Dakota that can tune the car that would be great because im not trying to drive 6 hours to Denver. Thanks
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Jul 2, 2009
South Jersey
I would start by looking through the sticky or build threads and dyno/track time threads. You will find different combinations and see their overall hp, result etc. and this may help you decide in a direction to go. First things first, you need to establish a budget and then add aprrox. 150% to whatever number you figured out. Seriously. Best Wishes
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Jul 30, 2011
Just some recommendations/opinion: remember you'll need quality machine work(bore,stroker clearance,etc). Go with an alum head instead of gt40's. No ford alphabet cams(go with a custom grind or at least a better OTS company like tfs or comp cams). The stock computer is fine but to optimize the outcome a custom tune would be ideal. You'll need a bigger MAF,injectors,fuel pump,etc. Make sure on assembly that you keep your parts/work area clean. Measure clearances,crank end play,etc and take your time. And research everything before you start the project. Good luck!