Stock 95 Cobra exhaust: different?

My car's engine and exhaust (along with other things) were both swapped over from a 95 cobra. It sounds really good to me, a lot better than any stock gt I've ever heard. Did the cobra come with different exhaust or is it just the different engine parts that make it sound so much different? My buddy offered to sell me some flowmaster 40s for cheap but I really don't even know if I want to change it.

Any info?
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I will advise you if your thinking of getting shorty headers, not to waste your money. Now if your getting long tubes you will see and possibly feel the difference. The power gain I personally got from shorty's was nada, I got a little more sound, but not much power.
The midpipe IMO will yeild you the most power, and deffinatly the most sound. Cat back will up your power but dont be dissapointed if it's only a handfull of ponies, and will give you the desired sound you want.

For the record I HATE RUSTMASTERS........ I had them on my el camino, and my old Jimmy, and both rusted out in a year, I'm close to the ocean so it expedites this process.

Well I'm going to be changing the headers and mid-pipe for the power difference (getting the heads ported, cam, etc, so I think it will certainly be worth it). Does a catback do much for power in that case though?