Stock V/C's with 1.7 RR's


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Aug 28, 2005
North Carolina
Is there any possible way to make my stock cobra valve covers to work with some trickflow 1.7 stud mount rockers on afr 165 heads? How much and where would I need to grind/ bang out? I have a kenne bell and the fox valve covers hit the bottom of the supercharger. Using a spacer make the S/C hit the hood. Please help! God Bless! Andrew
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So, stock V/C's,with a little modification are fine with 1.7 stud mounts...and the KB. I have found plenty of debate over cobra and gt v/c's being different, even found a pic from RIO50 with a photo of both, look the same to me, but thats a photo. I'm looking at Edelbrock's, and 1.7's, lot of searching raised questions of fitting all this together, especially with the KB. Out of curiosity, why the Fox V/C's, looks?
I suppose I should be looking for the height of the heads, even with the stockers there isn't much room between the V/C and the bottom of the KB. I'm looking at piecing together a similar combo...Edelbrock performers, 2031, 1.7's, trying to find a Holley systemaxx 1 lower (I have the 1.5 KB), but may use a ported stocker, 42's, LMAF and such...buddy of mine has Eddy's, and a KB on a fox body, I should go take some measuerments, except he is in the desert for a few months
thanks and good luck
the search function on here is great!
i have these (part #HLY-241-81), and they seem to have more room in the corners, but they are stock height, according to the summit info page. might be worth checking out ... :shrug:



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Notice Andrew's Q was about ... Studs not Peds :D
Studs usually are larger

Notice different heads have been talked about here
There can be differences between them

You also have differences between the different lines of intakes. It
has been my observation the Edelbrock's offer more room than the
OEM Cobra/TFS line of intakes.

You also have different issues between OEM SN tb mount
Fox tb conversion mount

The Q was asked about why so many use Fox VC's :shrug:
Simply Put ... They work ;)

Think about ...........
For years before our cars came along ..........
After Market folk made their parts for Stangs with Fox VC's

I run stud mount Scorpions which are larger than most other RR's.
I run Fox VC's with just a small mount of modification needed.
I run no spacer with the elbow tb mount

If you want ALL the VC install details ... I've posted it several times
here and over at the Corral.

Now ... all my info does not pertain to KB use.

Andrew ... Use Don 95Vert in a search on the Corral. He has posted
tons of reliable info on KB's with a 94-95 application.

I know we got several 94-95 KB users here as well ;)

You will just have to search out the answer. You are gonna find
most the info will be about peds however.

Is the clearance issue with the height of the studs or the
rocker ends :shrug:

Well for example on my case stock valve covers didnt fit with the stud 1.6 rr on the 165´s what it did to solve it as a quick solution, was to buy 2 sets of cork "shame" gaskets and glue them together with high temp silicon and worked so well that i am still impressed they have hold together for a long time wihout any kind of leak.
just my .02 c.

Ohh and BTW they dont even look bad, if looks are a concern to you
the clearance problems i have noticed have not been the rocker. the stud has been the problem for me, but thats with the fox body vc's. with that said, it HAS to be in the head design because on my tw's there is no way a stock vc would ever work with stud rr's.