stupid problems

Well I havent been on the boards much due to work, and I really miss my second home:)
Anyways the problems never seem to end for the mustang the past 3 weeks. In the past 3 weeks I had my alternator crap out, dead battery, blown thermostat gasket and a snapped clutch cable.

The cable snapped on me yesterday. I was just crusing and about 10 miles from my house when I grinded third gear and thought that was weird because I never grind gears. Then I grind fifth a minute later. That really got me thinking something was wrong. Then I depress the clutch at a stop sign and I hear a clunk and think, oh god here it comes. I ease into 1st, then 2nd, third and snap, no clutch:mad:

I was stranded with no clutch. I had my friends go buy me a cable at napa so I could drive the car home, with intentions of buying a real cable the next day. Figures none of the parts stores have the correct one after buying and installing them. They are all the wrong ones:mad: So I got it towed home and went up to mustangs unlimited today and bought an adjustable cable and quadrant.
At least it was nothing to serious but still.
Well thats what been up with me, I thought I would share.

On the bright side I finally got my 351 block. Some real power and headaches coming soon:D
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Yeah that can suck, but not too bad. Just shut it off at a light. Put it in 1st, press the clutch in (you need to release the little plastic neutral safety switch) and then crank till it lugs the car forward enough to start rolling. My first day of my new job a year ago my cable went halfway to work. So I drove it there and then brought it home (from the bridge in Middletown down RT 9, to the Pike then into Berlin to my house) and switched cars.

Did it from West Hartford getting onto 84, to RT 9 to the Pike to my house.

From Meriden near Hubbard Park to my house. From the Pike after the Uconn car show to my house...

Never ONCE in the 5.0, always my 4 cyl car.