supercoupe charger on 5.0

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BBK made an adapter setup called the Instacharger, quite simply enabling you to bolt an M90 onto a 5.0. I don't know how many were made, but it seems like they are quite rare. Right now BBK's website shows the Instacharger, but it's only available for Rangers. One might come on on never know.


Mar 31, 2005
princeton, WV
blue87lx said:
is this possible to have the charger from a v6 tbird on a 5.0 mustang? i see peopel selling them on ebay as mustang chargers

are you talking about the supercharger and the intake plenem off of a Super Coupe tbird?

because if you are it would be a major opperation to convert it to a 5.0, and i do not think that it is possable even with an adapter

Michael Yount

Mustang Master
Apr 10, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Keep in mind - there's A LOT of custom bracket and plumbing fabrication on that Eaton, and he's using a Haltech efi set up to manage things --- you're probably gonna be better off in the long run just looking for a used KB twin screw set up for the Fox if you want a positive displacment unit. Making the Eaton work, as you can see, is lots of work.

If you're gonna try to cobble together a used system inexpensively, you might be better off going turbo than supercharger.