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Aug 14, 2006
i had class tonight and the weather was nice today so i decided to pull the sillyspec out and drive it to school. its one of the 2 nights a week that i can do that.

so on the way home i have this new body mustang GT roll up past me and rev on his way by. me being the smart guy i am didnt do anything other than continue to tune the low speed fuel map. well this guys keeps reving all the way through town until we get to the bridge seperating our 2 towns. he pulls up and i see his passanger that i just happen to know. what better time to embarrass a guy then when he has a girl with him! light turns green so i roast the tires though 3rd gear and purpously hit the revlimiter so i can get a backfire through the open wastegate ;) he pulls up next to me at the light on the other side of the bridge and informs me that i have a turbo... well thanks for the info buddy. he says something about running again so i suggest we go to the "track".

about 2 miles later we are both lined up and i tell him to go when hes ready.... i hear him downshift and thats all i heard,didnt see or hear anything else until he caught up again. the next time we lined up and he said he wasnt ready so i said lets go again! not wanting anymore excuses i let him honk it off and i gave him the hit. by the time i got the 3rd gear laggy mcspool rolling he was 1 maybe 1.5 cars ahead. after pedaling the gas a bit to hook up it was all over and i still hadnt shifted to 4th. by 120 when i let off i had a good 8-10 cars on the guy.

all in all he was a cool guy, who just didnt understand exactly what he was playing with. we gave eachother a kind wave and smile and went on about out business:)

oh yea... this was all done in my nissan sentra, please dont think im trolling im active in the fox forum. i just wanted to let you guys know i met another mustang owner with respect tonight.
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Notice how you said "he had a girl with him," but that part was missing from your story. I wonder why?

And isn't talk about street racing not allowed on these forums? Troll.

HAHA, yea thats because my wife was at home.

like i posted originally, this wasnt meant to rip on the mustang, it was more to say" hey i met a fellow mustang owner with a good attitude."
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