T5 difficult going into gear when stopped


15 Year Member
Jan 15, 2003
Greencastle Pa
OK I dont want to beat a dead horse here..but let me share my issue and see what ya say.
My 88GT has a shift problem. I bought it as it is and know not much about it. When I bought it the pedal was loose and falling off under the dash FIXED. Cable was mis routed and worn FIXED. It has an adjustable cable (no fire wall adjuster) and does have an aluminum quadrant. It also has a B&M short throw shifter. No noises or issues as I know.
Here is my problem which still exists after all the repairs made: If I adjust the cable so it does not grind going into second and third while shifting fast, then the clutch slips under load. If I back it off so it doesnt slip under load it is rakes a little going into reverse and also from first to second and second to third when I shift fast. However it does go in. Is this thing in need of a clutch and pressure plate or a good overhaul kit? Or do I need to keep playing with the adjustment. I figure it has had one at some point cause its got a ton of miles on it and the motor has been rebuilt and the motor and trans are both painted up pretty nice. I figure they prolly did one with the motor rebuild but who knows.
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