T5 GURU's please help with any info


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Sep 5, 2001
Here's the scoop, I bought a 91 lx with a 5 speed, when I got the car it would grind when shifting to 2nd, I figured it was a syncro, well me and a friend who is a pretty good mechanic took it apart, all the syncro's and gears looked absolutely fine, he replaced the 2nd gear syncro for me anyways, got it installed back in the car this morning and the damned thing is still grinding any suggestions where to go next..... :bang:
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If you have a aftermarket shifter, it could be the shifter arm stop bolts are not letting the shifter shift all the way into gear. If you remove the shifter base, you are supposed to reset the stops as it could get installed in a slightly different position, and be enough to require the resetting them.

I have and aftermarket shifter, I checked the stops, its letting it go into gear, I have some rainy weather now, I will try adjusting the clutch cable and see where it goes from there. I just had a brand new FMS clutch pressure plate and throw out bearing installed. I hate like hell to have to pull this tranny again, but if the clutch cable adjustments dont work i'll have to try it again!!! :bang:

Any reputable rebuilders that anyone know in kentucky or northeast tennesee?
oh, one more question, what could be wrong with the clutch fork that could cause me any probs, it looked fine when we did the clutch, but there could have been somethin we didnt see, thanks again! :nice:
Heres an educated guess... with the brand new clutch, the top part of the discs kinda weird quickly so maybe it wore down to a point where the cable wasn't releasing the clutch enough. See if adjusting the cable tighter at the bellhousing fixes it. I dont know what would be wrong with the forks. If its not bent it should be ok.
we only replaced the syncro ring itself, the car doesnt do it at lower rpm's , if taking ur time lugging around it will go in fine, but when i get the rpm's up it will grind up hell, does it both upshifting and downshifting