Tail light bulbs & Keyless entry??'s


Nov 24, 2007
1 First how do you get to the tailight bulbs on a 96? looks like you cant from the trunk?? do you pop the lenses out?? if so how do you do it without breaking them?

2 Do all 96's have keyless? Mine did not have a remote with it when i bought it. Infact i only got 1 key! Is there a way to figure out if the car HAS keyless or not and if so can i buy a new remote for it? its a PITA not having keyless!
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I have a friend here in fl with a shop who sells remotes cheap ass hell.He said he just started selling on ioffer.com because ebay is way to overloaded he has ford 4,3,2 button .Also has the enemy(gm ) remotes.All great prices probably cheaper then anyone on ebay also check him out he is a good guy and deffinatly reliable. here is the store page http://www.ioffer.com/shops/buynsellbuynsell help out a fellow stang owner!!