Talk Me Into Using Megasquirt?


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Mar 31, 2005
I used several different ecu's to tune my own fox Mustangs (A9L, X3Z, CBAZA for a 2.3L n/a, to name a few), with either TwEECer or Moates QH. I don't mind using these moving forward, but since I will be tuning both a v8 and a 4 cylinder in the near future (hopefully), it will benefit me to have these 2 cars be as similar as possible.
I like Megasquirt because of price, and from what I understand, system flexibility (I have questions below on this however).
What I don't like about megasquirt is trying to figure out the differences between systems. There isn't a really good detailed technical spec sheet/comparison between the MS1/MS2/MS3. It is all written as hi-level advertising... I think I am figuring out what I need to know though, it's just slower than I had hoped.

My background: I work in Materials/structural test for a commercial aircraft manufacturer. I have written several versions of software applications for thermal control (PID based), data analysis/reporting, and monitoring of test rig activity. I have tuned my own 408w as well as an N/A 2.3 running at first on a CBAZA ecu, but later switched to CZAJL (both are v8 ecu's). I messed around with Arduino stuff as well, but nothing more than exploring/playing.
I don't mind writing my own code, calibrating sensors, etc, as long as I don't have to use Ladder Logic:chair:. That is part of the fun of messing with control systems

So, that was long-winded... here are the questions I have right now...
Can I customize inputs to fuel and timing? For example, could I average 2 intake temperature inputs to correct fuel, instead of basing fuel adjustments on a single temperature input?
Can I create my own code for something like a fan controller, using a PWM for variable fan speed, and switch to relay control when desired (programmatically)? I would otherwise build this with Arduino, but would prefer it integrated with the ECU.
Could unused Fuel injector outputs be repurposed? Can the output hardware/channel be reprogrammed by the user? In other words, .if using an MS3 on a 4-cyl car, could I use the other 4 injector channels for control of electric water pump/fan? Can I write my own code for control of these channels? If so, what programming language would be used?
When using the GPIO kit for output control, what programming language is used?
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Sorry for the late reply, I am fairly well versed in most things megasquirt. I will answer what I can from your question bank however some of what you are asking I do not have the necessary knowledge base to affirm.

Lets talk MS2/MS3 for your questions...
- averaging input criteria, timing and fuel can both be altered based on MAT and CLT temperatures..
Fuel curves are based around the mat air density law which is exposed in full in tunerstudio [the software you will use to alter the tune]. This curve can be altered if you feel it needs to be, CLT temperature may also be "blended" into the mat reading to account for heatsoak criteria you can choose the rpm/load vs % to blend into the curve based on what you feel is needed. This can be very helpful if the sensor is placed in the maf housing or into the charge piping rather than the intake manifold.
Timing curves can be altered using the MAT-based timing retard and COLD advance tables the [cold advance] table is based on CLT temps. this gives you full timing flexability based on both criteria.
- For the programmable pwm circuit for fan control I would contact DIY autotune about this question, I am not certain I can answer this satisfactorily. If when you find out please let me know I am interested in learning, I can write ladder logic but have never done base code before.
- All inputs and outputs for the most part are fully programmable, the system to control them is rather simple now as they have created a basic wizard to help walk you through it.
the link provided will take you to the page in question to show a basic overview.
*****same page but in pdf format****

beyond this you can also write your own custom .ini files to do just about anything you want, I have never done this before but I really want to learn how... there is information out there on how to get this done..

Good luck and let me know if you need anything else, I should have been watching this forum as a mod but you know new to this role!
It will likely be some version of MS, but haven't had a chance to firm up plans... Kids have me running pretty hard these days.
The QH has worked well for me in the past, but the cost of the software keeps going up. It isn't overpriced, but I seem to lose/kill laptops often enough that repurchasing software irritates me.

I could probably sell most of my factory ecu's and tuning gear to cover the cost of the MS system...
Is sequential important to you?
A little slow getting back, but yes, I do want sequential fuel.

Life has been a significant distraction from my car hobby, but should be settling down soon.
Here is what I am thinking about for a shopping list...

MS3 - $509 -
GPIO Kit - $278 -
Software Kit - $23 -
MS3X Kit - $111 -

Total $921
Am I missing anything that would be needed to run a 2.3 n/a engine?
I know most of this stuff is overkill, but I am looking for expand-ability and do not ever want to hit a hardware limitation when making changes in the future.

Might be able to start collecting hardware in a month or so...