The lowering spring survey!!


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Sep 6, 2002
Napa, California
alright what im looking for here is just what people use/like. i know ive posted about this subject alot in the past few days but i wanna do this right the first time. so what do you guys prefer? ( im going for progressive springs here)

1. BBk
2. H&R super sports
3. H&R super race
4. Mac
5. Race craft
6. Eibach pro kit

Thanks in advance guys. oh and post pictures too if you have them
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Just a thought.... if this is a daly driver, you wanna keep your bumper and a useable height and your ground clearance for speedbumps and pot holes. In an accident it can make the difference between a total and just some body work. It's pretty easy to total a fox. Unless you like dodging parking lots and rough roads too stick with something that lowers your car about an inch all around. This will be a good compromise for a street car. If you have pony rims, 225/50/16s look really good on a 1 inch drop. Sorry dont have any pics.