The Most Preferred Aluminum heads

Congrats on the heads man! In 7 days, it will be 4 months that I have been waiting on a set of Trickflow 11r 190 heads. The delays are no joke unless you are lucky like the OP and land a set quickly. So I would definitely factor this in to your build...
Thanks man I appreciate it! Its been many days and many night trying to find out which one one of these heads would work for my setup as well as be available sooner, the wait was killing me as well, especially since my block was at the machine shop and didn't want them to be waiting on me forever.

Who did you order from?
I order them off the website - The Racers Edge Performance Inc. (TREperformance) they apparently are like a second hand distributor for Brands like Edelbrock, AFR, Trickflow and others, they also have a Ebay Listing section that you can order off of the heads, and the 165 Renegades 1402 were in stock ready to ship.

It was kinda funny, actually, I keep asking the sale rep hundred times If this was legit and are they really in stock lol.
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This is basically what I was looking at once I was deciding pulling the trigger on them.


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Is Brodix still competitive? Back in my drag racing days, a lot of the serious SBF racers used their heads. They had some of the best flow numbers at the time. I never saw many of them on street engines due to the issues that come with raised exhaust ports / custom headers required. They were also quite expensive, too. I remember seeing prices in the same range as what I was paying for BBF CJ heads at the time.
Brodix Neal heads are full on race heads. It's not something you would run on a street car at all. So yeah, they are still competitive, just not a head that is going to be talked about much in this circle.

That's the funny part of it, I keep asking the seller If the heads were in stock several times, I'd probably annoyed him lol

Me: Sir....are these heads in stock?

Seller: Yup their in stock,

Me: Like in.....stock....stock?

Seller: ......Yes

Me: Like.....ready to be shipped out to my house stock?

Seller: Yea.........

Me: Like I can physically put these heads on my car stock in a few days stock and not run stock quarter mile times stock?

Seller: ......Do you want these AFRs or NOT........
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