Thinking of going to a carb


Jun 9, 2003
I would like to do some nice mods to my mustang, HCI, but its speed density so i don't know how well it would do. So i thought maybe i should go with just heads and intake, but i might need to upgrade my injectors, another problem of SD.

Now you might say that its not a big deal to convert to mass air, but that means $200-$300 for the conversion and another $200 for injectors. It seems going carb would be so much easier, and maybe cheaper.

Will i do it....idk

Can my SD handle some new heads and intake on the stock injectors, or will i have to dish out another $500 to make it work right.

Is it pointless to do these mods and keep the stock cam. I heard that the stock cam isn;t that bad.

I have a summer job and don't have a huge budget to work with so i am trying to stay around $2000. I also only want to tear down the engine once and want to spend some money this summer on the car.

What do you all think i should do?
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Not that familliar with SD but from what I understand, the heads and intake wont affect it too much (negativly (sp)). A lot of the SD guys run a Crower 15511 cam or one of the Comp XE cams with the 114 lobe seperation. I understand that is the key with SD is a wider lobe seperation. As far as fuel upgrades, im not sure. If SD cars came with 19lbs injectors, I have read that those are good till the 275 hp range. Something to think about. I also understand that the SD cars are a little faster than mass air, just not as forgiving to mods. Could to the Heads and intake, then go with a 1.7 or 1.72 rocker and some gears. Lots of possibilities. Good luck